Wacky Workout Schedules

Wacky Workout Schedules

Happy Hump Day!! This has been a slow yet busy week as Bob’s schedule is kind of crazy right now with the Chicago Auto Show coming down and other shows going up. Every so often, Bob has to work a week or two of the Midnight shifts. When he did it before I had Keely, it wasn’t that big of thing and even when Keely was a baby, it was much easier because I found it easier to keep a baby on the quiet side than an active toddler. Plus I need to add in that I am working from home as well so for two weeks working out can be rather wacky. Thankfully, I have a spin bike at home plus weights and lots of videos so usually when Bob is working the Midnight shift, I will set my alarm for 6am to do some stretching or yoga then usually go to the gym (if I can) during Keely’s naptime while Bob is trying to sleep as well. When he gets home at 12:30pm, he eats then heads to bed till about 5pm when I wake him up for dinner. Keely and I have lunch around 12:30pm, then its storytime and naptime so it works pretty well. If work is slow for the day then I’ll head to the gym but if not, I’ll maybe use the spin bike or do some weight exercises at home. Here’s some examples of great at-home workouts that I’ve used before and also used at the gym too.

Fitness, Fitness Motivation, Fitness Quotes, Fitness Inspiration, and Fitness Models! :)

At Home Full Body Workout for Beginners (Women) from WorkoutLabs.com • Click through to download as printable PDF! #customworkout

32 Minute At Home Workout || Peanut Butter Fingers

Final Burn Workout

What’s your favorite at-home workout?

Fashion Favorites Friday…Oh, Winter Fashion

Fashion Favorites Friday…Oh, Winter Fashion

Happy Friday. As much as I am like the next person, counting down the days till Spring, I know with Midwest weather we won’t be seeing spring-like weather till April or maybe even later. So today, let’s take a look at some winter fashion that I am totally loving. I am going to try to take WIWT (What I Wore Today) pictures next week for another post. What are you loving this winter with fashion?!?!

dressed up but casual

I love, love this outfit and think it’s great for all four seasons.


I wear an outfit like this or similar almost everyday, leggings, scarf, boots & denim or button down shirt.

plaid button up, herringbone vest, skinny jeans and boots - fall fashion at its best! || Modest Style || Modest Fashion || Modest Outfit Inspiration ||Real women (no catalog shoots here) who rocked the bump in style.

What’s not to love about this outfits?!?!

Maternity stripes and cozy sweater. super cute and cozy, perfect for fall, i would probably go without the belt

I wore something similar to this outfit the other day.

Again, I am totally stocked for Spring and cannot wait to wear some of my old dresses plus it’s just one day closer to meeting little man. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Cheers!! XOXO

A Day In The Life…Toddler Plus 27 Weeks Pregnant

A Day In The Life…Toddler Plus 27 Weeks Pregnant

Happy Hump Day!! Here is what a day in our life looks like currently…

6:00am – Wake up call to workout – I’ll either workout at home or go to the gym (rest day will be me getting up and doing work while K still sleeps)

7:15am – Home and eating a banana with almond butter plus checking emails

7:30am-7:45am – Keely calls me to come into her room so I can bring her stuffed animals into the living room

8:00am – Keely usually likes to get dressed her the day which I totally love

8:30am – Keely watches Curious George while I quickly shower and get ready

9:00am – Breakfast (for Keely) & Post Workout Meal (for me)

10:00am-12:00pm – We play, do arts & crafts, go for a walk or explore the city & museums

12:30pm – Lunchtime

1:00pm – Keely watches a show before naptime and I try to get some work done that needs to be done

2:00pm-4:00/4:30pm – Naptime (recently she’s been fighting naps so this week, she’s been sleeping in my room and I’ve been enjoying a nice hour nap before I sneak out and do more work while she finishes her nap.

5:00pm – Getting dinner ready and playing with Keely (usually doing puzzles or she’ll read in her room)

5:30pm – Dinnertime for everyone

6:00pm – Bob and Keely playtime while I clean the dining room, kitchen and do the dishes

6:40ish – Bathtime

7:00pm – Keely will sometimes ask for some milk and I’ll make myself a glass of peppermint tea while we watch a show before bedtime

7:30/7:40pm – Bedtime (Bob and I both read a story to her, kiss her goodnight then out of the room)

8:00pm – Playing catch up with Bobby and finally sitting down to watch some guilty pleasure TV – anyone watch Shameless on Showtime…OMG!! So good this season.

10:00pm – Bedtime for Bobby & I (I pray that I actually sleep as I’ve been dealing with insomnia from 12am-3am…not fun)


Favorite Valentine’s Day Items

Favorite Valentine’s Day Items

Happy Friday! Sorry, I didn’t post anything this week except for today…been trying to get some things done with work and spend some extra time with Bobby & Keely. Anyways, today, I wanted to do a fun Valentine’s Day post. What are some items you love during the month of LOVE?!?!

Valentine’s Day Outfit

What to Wear on Valentine’s Day: Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Plans

Valentine’s Day Nails

Get inspired by the best Valentine's Day nail art of Instagram! Source: Instagram user missbryanna15

Valentine’s Day Craft

DIY Heart Stamp Using Toilet Paper Rolls (Kids Valentines day Craft) | CraftyMorning.com

Valentine’s Day Dessert

Red Velvet Brownies. Red Velvet Cake Mix + 1/2 C melted butter + 1/4 C brown sugar + 2 eggs + 375^ for :25-30

Valentine’s Day Quote

It's Written on the Wall: (Free) Over 50 Valentine's Day Subway Art to Choose From

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy TGIF!! Today I am linking up to Heather @ Housewife Glamour for another addition of Friday Favorites. What are you loving this week?

Friday Favorites Link Up Winter housewifeglamour.com

Favorite Outfit

Cute outfit for a Momma On The Go!!

Favorite Meal Idea

Baked Oatmeal Casserole Recipe

I will be making this on Sunday for the week and hoping both Keely & Bob will enjoy it as well.

Favorite Toddler Craft Idea

Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts For Kids - Sassy Dealz

Going to make this with Keely next month.

Favorite Hairstyle

Long, slightly a-lined bob shown with loose curls and rich caramel balayage/ombre hand painted face framing pieces. #StyledByKate

I need a change and think this is just adorable. We will see if it really happens though!?!

Favorite Quote

you can do it. even if you have problems, each day can get you closer to a better, happy life.

So-so TRUE!!

Cheers to the Weekend!! XOXO

Thoughts for Thursday

Thoughts for Thursday

Can you believe it’s already Thursday?!?! I’m pretty stoked for tomorrow being Friday which means – Friday Favorites on the blog…YAY!! My brain is all of over the place this week…I blame “pregnancy brain” so I figured I’d let you all know what’s on my mind…plus I’d love to hear what’s on your mind…

1. I have always loved snow and LOVED snow days when I was a kid but now at 31 years old with a 3-year-old and pregnant with the second munchkin, I’d rather live somewhere warmer. Anyone with me?

2. Why are the Starbucks Chocolate Crescents SO-SO good? Keely and I had a little Starbucks date yesterday as I needed a Chai Tea and she needed a Pink Cake Pop so I decided to get a Chocolate Crescent…YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!

3. I am loving all the spring fashion that I’ve been seeing on Pinterest and in ads lately. Planning a shopping trip soon for some ideas that I can wear now and later.

4. 3 year olds are pretty amazing. Like everyone, we have our good days and bad days but I am so loving having conversations with Keely. It’s so funny some of the things that come out of her little mouth.

5. Is it bad that I am seriously considering putting her in field hockey this spring? Papa would be so proud.

6. Lastly, I’m ready for nap, anyone else. Little man loves when I take a nap so that during my nap he can just bounce around in the belly.

Have an awesome day!!

MIMM…A Snowy Sunday

MIMM…A Snowy Sunday

Happy Monday! Today I am linking up to Katie over @ Healthy Diva Life for another addition of MIMM. Did you have a marvelous weekend?!?


2015-01-31 12.55.39 (1)

25 weeks, 15 more weeks to go. The bump is HUGE yet I can still wear a lot of pre-preggo stuff which I guess is good. So funny how the second pregnancy, everything is so much faster. Whatevs, I just love feeling the little guy kick and move around plus Keely talking to him just melts my heart. ❤

20150131_083525 (1)

Had my Glucose Testing on Saturday (YUCK) and just hoping everything comes back good like last time.


Chicago Museum have some awesome free days so we took advantage of it. Keely loved learning about space. Field Museum is free all this month so planning to go there next week.

2015-01-31 17.55.19

Finally got to hanging up our artist’s work and I just love walking down the hallway looking at it. I’ll be changing it out every month or so.


Chicago has finally saw a big snowstorm on Sunday and this was just the start of it. So pretty.


She’s so silly!! This is her new “smile for me” face. ❤ ❤


Sunday morning breakfast that OH, SO YUMMY!!

Have an amazing week!! XOXO