MIMM…A Snowy Sunday

MIMM…A Snowy Sunday

Happy Monday! Today I am linking up to Katie over @ Healthy Diva Life for another addition of MIMM. Did you have a marvelous weekend?!?


2015-01-31 12.55.39 (1)

25 weeks, 15 more weeks to go. The bump is HUGE yet I can still wear a lot of pre-preggo stuff which I guess is good. So funny how the second pregnancy, everything is so much faster. Whatevs, I just love feeling the little guy kick and move around plus Keely talking to him just melts my heart. ❤

20150131_083525 (1)

Had my Glucose Testing on Saturday (YUCK) and just hoping everything comes back good like last time.


Chicago Museum have some awesome free days so we took advantage of it. Keely loved learning about space. Field Museum is free all this month so planning to go there next week.

2015-01-31 17.55.19

Finally got to hanging up our artist’s work and I just love walking down the hallway looking at it. I’ll be changing it out every month or so.


Chicago has finally saw a big snowstorm on Sunday and this was just the start of it. So pretty.


She’s so silly!! This is her new “smile for me” face. ❤ ❤


Sunday morning breakfast that OH, SO YUMMY!!

Have an amazing week!! XOXO


4 thoughts on “MIMM…A Snowy Sunday

  1. HAPPY MONDAY! i LOVE all of keelys art work and her silly face, so cute grams misses her. getting so excited as it gets closer to our little guy joining our family. hope all goes well with your test. xo

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