Favorite Valentine’s Day Items

Favorite Valentine’s Day Items

Happy Friday! Sorry, I didn’t post anything this week except for today…been trying to get some things done with work and spend some extra time with Bobby & Keely. Anyways, today, I wanted to do a fun Valentine’s Day post. What are some items you love during the month of LOVE?!?!

Valentine’s Day Outfit

What to Wear on Valentine’s Day: Outfit Ideas for Every Type of Plans

Valentine’s Day Nails

Get inspired by the best Valentine's Day nail art of Instagram! Source: Instagram user missbryanna15

Valentine’s Day Craft

DIY Heart Stamp Using Toilet Paper Rolls (Kids Valentines day Craft) | CraftyMorning.com

Valentine’s Day Dessert

Red Velvet Brownies. Red Velvet Cake Mix + 1/2 C melted butter + 1/4 C brown sugar + 2 eggs + 375^ for :25-30

Valentine’s Day Quote

It's Written on the Wall: (Free) Over 50 Valentine's Day Subway Art to Choose From


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