A Day In The Life…Toddler Plus 27 Weeks Pregnant

A Day In The Life…Toddler Plus 27 Weeks Pregnant

Happy Hump Day!! Here is what a day in our life looks like currently…

6:00am – Wake up call to workout – I’ll either workout at home or go to the gym (rest day will be me getting up and doing work while K still sleeps)

7:15am – Home and eating a banana with almond butter plus checking emails

7:30am-7:45am – Keely calls me to come into her room so I can bring her stuffed animals into the living room

8:00am – Keely usually likes to get dressed her the day which I totally love

8:30am – Keely watches Curious George while I quickly shower and get ready

9:00am – Breakfast (for Keely) & Post Workout Meal (for me)

10:00am-12:00pm – We play, do arts & crafts, go for a walk or explore the city & museums

12:30pm – Lunchtime

1:00pm – Keely watches a show before naptime and I try to get some work done that needs to be done

2:00pm-4:00/4:30pm – Naptime (recently she’s been fighting naps so this week, she’s been sleeping in my room and I’ve been enjoying a nice hour nap before I sneak out and do more work while she finishes her nap.

5:00pm – Getting dinner ready and playing with Keely (usually doing puzzles or she’ll read in her room)

5:30pm – Dinnertime for everyone

6:00pm – Bob and Keely playtime while I clean the dining room, kitchen and do the dishes

6:40ish – Bathtime

7:00pm – Keely will sometimes ask for some milk and I’ll make myself a glass of peppermint tea while we watch a show before bedtime

7:30/7:40pm – Bedtime (Bob and I both read a story to her, kiss her goodnight then out of the room)

8:00pm – Playing catch up with Bobby and finally sitting down to watch some guilty pleasure TV – anyone watch Shameless on Showtime…OMG!! So good this season.

10:00pm – Bedtime for Bobby & I (I pray that I actually sleep as I’ve been dealing with insomnia from 12am-3am…not fun)



One thought on “A Day In The Life…Toddler Plus 27 Weeks Pregnant

  1. HAPPY WEDNESDAY hope my sweets are having a good day and stayimg warm. your days with ms k sound so fun. love you all….:-)

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