Wacky Workout Schedules

Wacky Workout Schedules

Happy Hump Day!! This has been a slow yet busy week as Bob’s schedule is kind of crazy right now with the Chicago Auto Show coming down and other shows going up. Every so often, Bob has to work a week or two of the Midnight shifts. When he did it before I had Keely, it wasn’t that big of thing and even when Keely was a baby, it was much easier because I found it easier to keep a baby on the quiet side than an active toddler. Plus I need to add in that I am working from home as well so for two weeks working out can be rather wacky. Thankfully, I have a spin bike at home plus weights and lots of videos so usually when Bob is working the Midnight shift, I will set my alarm for 6am to do some stretching or yoga then usually go to the gym (if I can) during Keely’s naptime while Bob is trying to sleep as well. When he gets home at 12:30pm, he eats then heads to bed till about 5pm when I wake him up for dinner. Keely and I have lunch around 12:30pm, then its storytime and naptime so it works pretty well. If work is slow for the day then I’ll head to the gym but if not, I’ll maybe use the spin bike or do some weight exercises at home. Here’s some examples of great at-home workouts that I’ve used before and also used at the gym too.

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At Home Full Body Workout for Beginners (Women) from WorkoutLabs.com • Click through to download as printable PDF! #customworkout

32 Minute At Home Workout || Peanut Butter Fingers

Final Burn Workout

What’s your favorite at-home workout?


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