Working Out Wednesday

Working Out Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Peeps! Working out while pregnant can be rather tough sometimes, esp when you have a toddler at home and also work from home. I found this time around that my 1st trimester was extremely hard because I was sick all day for the first 13 weeks. My 2nd trimester was really good and I had so much energy and just wanted to get back to some cardio now in my 3rd trimester (I’ll be 30 weeks on Saturday), all I want to do is jog and lift weights plus a day or two of yoga as well. I truly miss my treadmill but love my spin bike but being pregnant it’s nice to be able to walk. I am looking forward to warmer weather so that I can get out and go for a nice walk everyday. Anyways, here’s what my workout schedule looks like this week…

Monday – 20 minutes of cardio plus legs

Tuesday – 30 minutes of prenatal yoga

Wednesday – 20 minutes of cardio plus chest/tris/shoulders

Thursday – 30 minutes of cardio plus 10 minutes of pilates

Friday – 10 minutes of cardio plus back/bis

Saturday – Stretch & indoor playground with Keely

Sunday – Total Body

I continue to listen to my body and if I wake up one morning just rather sore then I usually change around my schedule and do some stretching. I am looking forward to meeting little man in 10.5 weeks and getting back into jogging and lifting a little heavier too but for now just enjoying feeling little guy move and kick when I am lifting weights, might take after Daddy and be into fitness. Have a great day!! Cheers XOXO


One thought on “Working Out Wednesday

  1. hope you are feeling well, and gama and papa are looking forward to meeting our little guy and seeing keely as a big sister….;-)

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