Things I Am Loving Friday

Things I Am Loving Friday

Happy Friday. A little late with my post but it’s better then nothing. I can’t believe it’s already Friday. This week has just flown by so fast and now on Sunday we turn the clocks ahead an hour. As much as I love the sun being out longer, Keely has prepared me this week with earlier wake-up times which means she rather tried an hour before her scheduled nap. Lately, she’s been telling me when she gets tired which I am totally loving. Anyways, let’s get to some things I am loving this Friday!!

1. Our neighborhood Mommy Facebook Group – I don’t go on FB a lot like I do Instagram but the Mommy group I am part of through our neighborhood is so helpful. It’s great to hear things about Preschool Application process, Spring & Summer activities, Restaurants in the area that are great for kids and updates on Playdates. This weekend I am going to spend some time on the page as we are going to look for a babysitter for once a month date nights. We’ve been saying we were going to start date nights last year and it never happened. I don’t really know the last time Bob and I went out by ourselves so now we are going to work on it. I’d like to find a college student that’s up to babysit for a few hours on the weekend and in case if something else pops up.

2. Brittany mentioned this morning about “dates” with her two girls. It’s so funny, Bob and I were just talking about it. We are starting this month where we each get a date with Keely by ourselves. I guess everyday I am home with Keely is a date but now I am going to do lunch out or playdate at an indoor play center. We want to do this now then continue it when little man arrives as well so she gets undivided attention.

3. Chicago Park District Website – so helpful when choosing a spring activity for Keely to do. We are thinking Tiny Tots Gymnastic and possible Mighty Munchkins. I’ll be going to gymnastics with her then mighty munchkins is on Sundays so it will be a family affair. We are signing her up this weekend so we will see if we change our minds on the activity.

4. Archer Farm Granola – I have posted about it before and man, why do I do it to myself. SO SO GOOD!!

5. Books – the other while cleaning the dishes, Keely went into her bedroom and started reading all her books. I am rather impressed by her reading skills and love the fact that she likes to read. I heart reading!! ❤

Well that’s it for me today…sorry for the lack of pictures…gotta get the day rollin’

Have an awesome Friday & weekend!!


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