Pregnancy Items

Pregnancy Items

How is it already Thursday…WOW…this week has gone by fast. I kept saying, I am going to write-up my weekend recap post tomorrow but tomorrow just kept on passing by so I’ll have to give you a brief summary of last weekend next week. I wanted to write today about four products I have used so far with both pregnancies. I get it that every pregnancy is different just like every kid is different but these four products have been used when I was pregnant with Keely and now with little man.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – the BEST stuff out there. I use this everyday and even use it when I am not pregnant. I actually need to buy some more this weekend.


Prenatal Vitamins – when it comes to vitamins, I can only take certain ones because of my stomach. When pregnant the gummy ones work the best for me. I really like the Target brand of prenatal vitamins.


Peppermint Tea – I drank this everyday and sometimes multiple times a day during my first trimester when I was hit pretty hard with ALL DAY SICKNESS. Now at 31 weeks, I am starting to get nausea again at nighttime and have been drinking a glass almost every night.


Jolly Ranchers – these are perfect for when I am craving some sweetness or to take away the yucky stomach feeling. I am planning to bring some with me in my hospital bag.

For mommies or mommies to be: what is one item you use a lot during pregnancy?


One thought on “Pregnancy Items

  1. Sorry, a little late on commenting, but since im back in business without a cast on, I can now type away. Those vitamins look yummy, even though I’m way way past the prenatal phase…haha. Love that Palmers Cocoa butter too, it’s the BEST!

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