Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Hope you all have been having a good week. We’ve had a sick one that’s for sure. Keely has been a pretty healthy little girl and has only thrown up once in her life when she first turned a year but this week has been a little different. Tuesday (St. Paddy’s Day), my parents came out and we went to McDonald’s to get her a milkshake and on Wednesday, she woke up saying she wasn’t feeling very good. I thought maybe it’s because she drank some water before I went into her room to get in her in the morning. When I offered milk and breakfast, she passed on both and said she didn’t want to eat. Then around 9:30ish she said she wanted some dry cereal so I gave her  little bowl of it and about 10 minutes after eating it, it all came up. Poor girl was so scared and I felt horrible. So the past two days, we’ve been dealing with a temperature and messed up stomach plus I am dealing with a cold and sore throat. Why is it that something is always happening when Bob isn’t home…lol. Oh well, as long as my baby girl is okay, it’s okay. Anyways, here’s a short Friday Favorites for ya’ll…


Look at this precious sick little girl. My poor baby!! Taken on Wednesday…:(

Favorite Picture


We had a super fun St Paddy’s Day but even looking at this picture, you can tell by her eyes that she was starting to get sick.

Favorite Spring Time Craft

Preschool Handprint May Day Flowers- Make with the boys for their grandparents and our neighbors?

Favorite Spring Outfit


Just need the shoes and I’ll be set!! 🙂

Favorite Quote

The Good Vibe

Thanks to Heather for hosting another Friday Favorites!! Cheers! XOXO


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