Why, Hello!!

Why, Hello!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve last written. I was tempted to not write for a little longer as I just wasn’t feeling the whole blogging thing. I know, I know, HORRIBLE. Anyways, a lot has happened since my last post. For the month of April, my main focus was Keely and getting work done before the arrival of little man. Everyday, Keely and I did something fun and just played for hours. Walks became harder for me unless she was cool with riding in the stroller as I couldn’t carry for that long. My workouts went from an hour a day to 30 minutes a day but I got my steps in with numerous walks with Keely plus we had tons of dance parties.

Now fast forward to May, I had a “false alarm” on May 1st thinking little man was going to make an appearance…haha, nope just early stages of labor. My body, I tell ya. We celebrated Bob’s birthday that weekend and Bobby and I were able to have a few hours to ourselves while my parents hung out with Keely which was super nice plus the weather that weekend was GORG! At my 38 week appt, my doctor told me I had not progressed and we talked about the case that I go over my due date (like I did with Keely). I was totally dreading going over my due date this time around but if little man wasn’t ready, he wasn’t ready. May 6th, I woke up feeling good, walked on the treadmill at the gym for 35 minutes (over my usually time) then went and did some plie squats and cat/cows, got home, hung with Keely and Bob (he had off that day) and started our morning. By the time Keely started her “quiet time” the contractions were coming in pretty good. I started walking around the house as it felt better to walk then sit, tried taking a nap and felt too sick to really eat anything even though I suggested to Bob, let’s do Thai and get this baby going…

By, 5pm, I was miserable, I hurt so bad, felt like I was going to puke and knew I needed some advice (thank god one of my best friends is a nurse – thanks Stacy). After my friend suggested I call the doctor that’s what I exactly did and she suggested I get to the hospital to be checked out. We arrived at the hospital around 6pm and waiting an hour to see if I progressed then they decided I was to be admitted. By 8:30pm, I was in a room and Keely was home in bed. It was a long night/morning but at 4:39pm, on May 7th our little Cameron was born and all was good.


We could not be happier and more blessed with little guy plus big sister is just amazing with him. I am so looking forward to watching them grow up together. I know there will be ups and downs but right now we are just enjoying every minute. I’ll end with a few more pictures than will “hopefully” get that blogging feeling back…I think it will happen and will probably start with a little MIMM. Cheers!! xoxo

20150509_091238 20150509_194154



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