Day In The Life (with two kiddies)

Day In The Life (with two kiddies)

Happy Monday Peeps! I kept telling myself that I was going to write-up my Friday Favorite post last Friday but Wednesday-Friday just completely go away from me. Instead of doing a MIMM post today, I decided to a Day in the Life since now we have two little ones at home.

6:00am – Wake up (Cameron sleeps anywhere from 4.5 hours – 6 hours at night and if he has a feeding between 3am & 4am he won’t wake for a 6am feeding which means it’s wake up time for Mommy).

6:15am – Workout (I have started working out again last week and have been feeling great)

7:15am – I check emails and look to see if I have any calls or projects that need to get done for that day

7:30ish – Keely wakes up and calls for me to come get her so that she can let Hanker out of his cage

7:45am – We (Keely & I) take Hank out, I get breakfast ready and we chat before little man wakes up

8:00am – Cameron wakes up and wants to be fed like ASAP

9:00am – Cameron is fed plus Keely and I have finished eating. Keely watches Daniel Tiger while I quickly take a shower and get ready for the day then I get her ready plus Cameron

9:30am – We get things ready and head out for a walk around the neighborhood and end at the park

11:00am – Back at home from our walk/park date and take Hank out then color or paint while I am feeding Cam Man

12:00pm – Lunchtime for Keely and I

12:30pm – An episode of Thomas and Friends or Ninja Turtles before nap/quiet time

1:00pm-3:00pm – I feed Cameron if he’s asking for it then it work-time for me

3:00pm – We play outside (again, Cameron might be eating)

5:00pm – Bob is home from work and I am cooking dinner

5:30pm – Dinner time for everyone

6:00pm – Keely and Daddy playtime while I am cleaning the kitchen and Cameron is taking a catnap

6:45pm – Bathtime for the kids

7:30pm – Bedtime for Keely

8:45pm – Cameron’s eats, passes out in my arms and I put him into bed

10pm – Sometimes Cam will wake just wanting a quick feeding (10 minutes) and he’s back out for the night

10:30pm – Bedtime for Bobby and I (thank god!)

3am-4am or 5am – I will get a wake up call from the little guy wanting to eat.


So that my friends is our day in a nutshell. We do have gymnastics on Wednesday and during the week we may make a target trip, zoo playdate or beach day.


One thought on “Day In The Life (with two kiddies)

  1. Happy Monday! Hope you guys had a fun weekend,despite our weather. You have a busy schedule there girl. Being a stay at home/work from home Mom is tough but so rewarding! Love!….:-)

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