2 Month Update of Cam Man

2 Month Update of Cam Man

It’s FRIDAY!! I am totally looking forward to the weekend and turning off the computer for two days while I hang with my babies. Mr. Cameron turned two months on Tuesday and the Mr. Man is growing like a weed. Here’s his stats…


(Don’t be jealous of the rolls only some of us look cute with him!! My little chunky monkey)

Weight: 13lbs! Yes, he’s a big boy and in the 80% which is completely different from Keely since she was always between 15-20% but the doctor loves that he’s gaining the right amount of weight.

Height: 22.25 inches. Dr mentioned that he will really start growing in length in the next couple of months.


Eating: He’s eating between 5-6 times a day and drinks about 4-6oz a day which equals out to about 26 ounces a day which is right on track for his age.

Sleep: Right now, he’s sleeping from 7:30pm to about 5:00-6:00am. He will get up, eat then go back down till about 8:00am. He takes around 2 good naps a day then 1 catnap before his bedtime routine which consists of a bath (I like to soak him in his tub every night as it’s calming for him), bottle then bed. He hit his developmental spurt this week so napping as been a little difficult as he wiggles himself around his crib.

Personality: He’s still a pretty easy-going baby. He cries when he’s hungry or tired. He’s given us tons of smiles which we all love and coos so much now. My favorite is when he coos at nighttime during his last bottle. It’s adorable. He loves grasping onto things and like I mentioned above loves wiggling himself around when he’s on his tummy. He doesn’t really like to be on his back unless he’s eating or being changed, tummy is his favorite. During his “dinner” feeding, big sister watches Ninja Turtles and recently his eyes haven’t moved off the TV…maybe another turtles fan?!?! 🙂


Again, he’s such a little blessing and I just love watching Keely and Cameron together. Love you, Cam Man!! xoxo


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