Cameron – 4.5 month

Cameron – 4.5 month

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Are you happy to be half-way through the week like I am happy?!?! For some odd reason, I just want this week to be over. I am totally looking forward to October and all the full fall activities the month brings. So we are a little late with Cam’s 4 month update as his doctors appt was on Monday but here are the CamMan’s stats…

Height – 24.75 inches (been growing about an inch a month) 20th percentile

Weight – 17lbs 8oz (he’s a big boy – grown 3 pounds in two months) 80th percentile


Eating – he’s eating anywhere from 4oz-6oz every three hours. We tried some fruit purees and wasn’t really into it. He is always watching us when we are eating but I think I will give him another month or so then try again.

Sleeping – he’s goes to bed about 6:15-6:30 and gets up around 6:30 the next morning. Sometimes if he has poop or he’s teething badly then he might be up closer to 6am but all in all I am happy with his nighttime sleep. He naps usually in the morning from 8:15am-10:30am then again from 12:45pm-2:30pm and sometimes he might take a catnap at 4:30pm but he’s usually up after his afternoon nap till bedtime. He is a stomach sleeper, been trying so hard to get him on his back but no sir.

Teething – he started the process around 3 months and this month he is a sucking the hand & drooling machine. Hasn’t taken a liking to teething toys but loves figures and his fist. A wet cloth will sometimes work as well.


Personality – he is truly a happy boy except when he’s hungry, tried or in the car. He HATES the car and everything about it unless he’s got a bottle. He loves smiling and laughing and thinks Keely is just the funniest person in the world. He might be a slight Momma’s boy but I think it’s because I am home with him where with Keely, I went back into the office at 3 months. I feel though once he gets comfortable, he’s perfectly okay with people. He’s just particular with some people.

Looks – he looks like his daddy that’s for sure. It’s pretty awesome because Keely is a mini me and Cameron is a mini Bob. We love it. His hair I am guessing will be a little/medium brown as its gotten lighter all ready since he’s been born.

I think that wraps up some information on the CamMan. We love our big boy and love watching him and Keely create a bond together. I know they will just be the best of friends.


Happy 4.5 months Camy!! XOXO


One thought on “Cameron – 4.5 month

  1. Happy Wednesday, and the First Day of Fall..:-) Although, all these years I thought it was September 21st, which I think it was, but times are a changing…hehe! So happy all went well at the Dr. the other day for Cameron, and he is certainly a happy baby, and Ms. K is just the cutest, and they will be best buds for sure! Looking forward to all the fall activities planned! xo

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