Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Folks!! How was everyone’s week? I am totally ready for the weekend and taking in more fests. Our goal this summer is to go to as many fests as we can with Keely and Cameron. Anyways, let’s get right to some favorites from the week.

Favorite Picture(s)

They're BACK! Chicago Blackhawks Hockey We Kane We Shaw We Crawford Hockey Printed Crewneck Sweatshirt Great Chicago Stanley Cup SweatshirtNewest Ladies Blackhawk apparel at

That’s RIGHT!! The Chicago Blackhawks did it again. Stanley Cup Champions (3 times in 6 years)!! It was one hell of a final series and so happy they won it at home. Yesterday we spent the morning watching the parade and rally and what an experience. LOVE the Hawks!! ❤

Favorite Outfit

tee + shorts + hat

LOVE this outfit…add in some converse and it’s perfection!!

Favorite Side Dish

Tomato, cucumber, avocado salad. A cool and easy salad for summer.

I will be making this on Sunday for the week. YUM!!

Favorite Hair

golden caramel balayage'd lights on her dark brown hair  ♥ my summer hair

I will be getting my hair done soon and planning to use this as an inspiration. GORG!

Favorite Quote

Don't cry over the past, it's gone. Don't stress about the future, it hasn't arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful.

I am in LOVE with this quote. Make everyday beautiful!!

Cheers to the weekend, loves!! XOXO

Cam Man Is One Month

Cam Man Is One Month

Happy Hump Day! Today, I am filling you in on our little (or maybe I should say, big) guy!! It’s been quite a month and we couldn’t see our lives without him. Keely is a super awesome big sister and I can’t wait to see her and Cameron grow up together and be best buds. Well let’s get to it…

Weight: 10lbs 8oz (yes, you read that right) We went to the doctor on Monday for his one month appt and I was completely SHOCKED by his weight. I knew he had gained weight but 3.5 pounds, holy cow!

Height: 21.5 inches (again, grew 2 inches) Dr isn’t worried about his weight since he’s growing in height and she said he’s just playing catch up. We have a big boy on our hands and I totally LOVE my chunkier.


Sleep: He loves his naps like his sister did at this age. I am trying to get him on a good schedule so right now he wakes around 6:00am-6:30am to eat, then goes down for a nap at 9:00am till about 11:00am, eats again and back down around 12:30pm till about 2:30pm, eats then catnaps from 5:00pm-6:00pm & 7:30pm-8:30pm. I have to wake him with all of his naps because I don’t want him to get off schedule. He goes down for the night around 9:45pm-10:00pm then up anywhere between 2am & 3am for a quick feeding then back down till 6am-6:30am.


Eating: As you can see by his sleep schedule, he eats usually anywhere between 2-3 hours during the day and usually 4-5 during the night. Monday night he slept from 9:45pm-3:45am which was complete bliss but I don’t expect that every night as he’s a growing boy.

Personality: Right now, he’s a super calm baby. He makes the funniest faces and we have gotten some smiles out of him which I totally loved. He def has Mommy wrapped but I am okay with it. 🙂


Big Sister: Like I mentioned above, she’s super awesome with him. Everyday, she wants to pick him up but realizes he is a big boy and a little too heavy. She puts in pacifier in his mouth if I am in the other room and he’s crying. He checks on him when he naps and will feed him his bottle too. You can tell he loves his big sister as well. He will just sit there and stare at her which I think is totally cute.


Lastly, he’s been to a lot of places in his first month: beach, Sox game, Target, Jewel, & fests. Thankfully he loves the Bjorn & Stroller. It’s been an incredible month and can’t wait to see what the 2nd month bring us. We love you Cam Man!! ❤

Friday Fashion

Friday Fashion

Happy Friday Peeps!! I am going to make this short and sweet as I have some things I need to get done today but here are some outfits I am totally loving this week…

Boyfriend jeans We can spot a chanel clutch from a mile off. Those golden studs are set perfectly against the chic tan shade.$159 Want!

I think if Chicago is planning a cool summer then I will be wearing an outfit like this all summer long.

5 Summer Staples Styled for Fall ( Tips to Help You Transition Your Summer Pieces into Fall)

Nothing I love more than a pencil skirt with a graphic tee.

Overall shorts are so great. Wear this any day with a t-shirt and you have a cute outfit with no effort!

Not sure I can pull off overalls but I am going to try my hardest this summer. ADORBS!

I've been putting it off but I might just have to go out and get some camo pants | from Cara Loren

Goal for late summer – FIND CAMO PANTS!

What style are you loving this week?!?! Hope you all have an amazing weekend. Cheers!! XOXO

Day In The Life (with two kiddies)

Day In The Life (with two kiddies)

Happy Monday Peeps! I kept telling myself that I was going to write-up my Friday Favorite post last Friday but Wednesday-Friday just completely go away from me. Instead of doing a MIMM post today, I decided to a Day in the Life since now we have two little ones at home.

6:00am – Wake up (Cameron sleeps anywhere from 4.5 hours – 6 hours at night and if he has a feeding between 3am & 4am he won’t wake for a 6am feeding which means it’s wake up time for Mommy).

6:15am – Workout (I have started working out again last week and have been feeling great)

7:15am – I check emails and look to see if I have any calls or projects that need to get done for that day

7:30ish – Keely wakes up and calls for me to come get her so that she can let Hanker out of his cage

7:45am – We (Keely & I) take Hank out, I get breakfast ready and we chat before little man wakes up

8:00am – Cameron wakes up and wants to be fed like ASAP

9:00am – Cameron is fed plus Keely and I have finished eating. Keely watches Daniel Tiger while I quickly take a shower and get ready for the day then I get her ready plus Cameron

9:30am – We get things ready and head out for a walk around the neighborhood and end at the park

11:00am – Back at home from our walk/park date and take Hank out then color or paint while I am feeding Cam Man

12:00pm – Lunchtime for Keely and I

12:30pm – An episode of Thomas and Friends or Ninja Turtles before nap/quiet time

1:00pm-3:00pm – I feed Cameron if he’s asking for it then it work-time for me

3:00pm – We play outside (again, Cameron might be eating)

5:00pm – Bob is home from work and I am cooking dinner

5:30pm – Dinner time for everyone

6:00pm – Keely and Daddy playtime while I am cleaning the kitchen and Cameron is taking a catnap

6:45pm – Bathtime for the kids

7:30pm – Bedtime for Keely

8:45pm – Cameron’s eats, passes out in my arms and I put him into bed

10pm – Sometimes Cam will wake just wanting a quick feeding (10 minutes) and he’s back out for the night

10:30pm – Bedtime for Bobby and I (thank god!)

3am-4am or 5am – I will get a wake up call from the little guy wanting to eat.


So that my friends is our day in a nutshell. We do have gymnastics on Wednesday and during the week we may make a target trip, zoo playdate or beach day.

Weekend Fun In Pictures

Weekend Fun In Pictures

Hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Ours was very nice and once again included visitors which we totally love!!


We are getting some pictures taken on Saturday but I was able to capture this adorable picture on Friday. These two just melt my heart!!


This weekend also included this Momma getting dressed in normal clothes and loving every minute of it.

20150523_103331 20150523_100220 20150523_100211

We had an awesome Saturday morning at the beach plus it was Cam’s first time at the beach which as you can see, he totally loved it. 🙂


Saturday evening included these yummy kabobs on the grill.


Sunday night was all about snuggling with my little guy. My parents came over so that Bob and I could go out for a little bit. It was nice to spend some time out with Bobby but like always we got caught in a huge downpour which means frizzy/wavy here as you can see in the picture.


It was a very nice weekend and looking forward to this summer with Keely and Cameron. I am one lucky Mommy!! Have an amazing week. Cheers!! XOXO

Why, Hello!!

Why, Hello!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve last written. I was tempted to not write for a little longer as I just wasn’t feeling the whole blogging thing. I know, I know, HORRIBLE. Anyways, a lot has happened since my last post. For the month of April, my main focus was Keely and getting work done before the arrival of little man. Everyday, Keely and I did something fun and just played for hours. Walks became harder for me unless she was cool with riding in the stroller as I couldn’t carry for that long. My workouts went from an hour a day to 30 minutes a day but I got my steps in with numerous walks with Keely plus we had tons of dance parties.

Now fast forward to May, I had a “false alarm” on May 1st thinking little man was going to make an appearance…haha, nope just early stages of labor. My body, I tell ya. We celebrated Bob’s birthday that weekend and Bobby and I were able to have a few hours to ourselves while my parents hung out with Keely which was super nice plus the weather that weekend was GORG! At my 38 week appt, my doctor told me I had not progressed and we talked about the case that I go over my due date (like I did with Keely). I was totally dreading going over my due date this time around but if little man wasn’t ready, he wasn’t ready. May 6th, I woke up feeling good, walked on the treadmill at the gym for 35 minutes (over my usually time) then went and did some plie squats and cat/cows, got home, hung with Keely and Bob (he had off that day) and started our morning. By the time Keely started her “quiet time” the contractions were coming in pretty good. I started walking around the house as it felt better to walk then sit, tried taking a nap and felt too sick to really eat anything even though I suggested to Bob, let’s do Thai and get this baby going…

By, 5pm, I was miserable, I hurt so bad, felt like I was going to puke and knew I needed some advice (thank god one of my best friends is a nurse – thanks Stacy). After my friend suggested I call the doctor that’s what I exactly did and she suggested I get to the hospital to be checked out. We arrived at the hospital around 6pm and waiting an hour to see if I progressed then they decided I was to be admitted. By 8:30pm, I was in a room and Keely was home in bed. It was a long night/morning but at 4:39pm, on May 7th our little Cameron was born and all was good.


We could not be happier and more blessed with little guy plus big sister is just amazing with him. I am so looking forward to watching them grow up together. I know there will be ups and downs but right now we are just enjoying every minute. I’ll end with a few more pictures than will “hopefully” get that blogging feeling back…I think it will happen and will probably start with a little MIMM. Cheers!! xoxo

20150509_091238 20150509_194154


Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Hope you all have been having a good week. We’ve had a sick one that’s for sure. Keely has been a pretty healthy little girl and has only thrown up once in her life when she first turned a year but this week has been a little different. Tuesday (St. Paddy’s Day), my parents came out and we went to McDonald’s to get her a milkshake and on Wednesday, she woke up saying she wasn’t feeling very good. I thought maybe it’s because she drank some water before I went into her room to get in her in the morning. When I offered milk and breakfast, she passed on both and said she didn’t want to eat. Then around 9:30ish she said she wanted some dry cereal so I gave her  little bowl of it and about 10 minutes after eating it, it all came up. Poor girl was so scared and I felt horrible. So the past two days, we’ve been dealing with a temperature and messed up stomach plus I am dealing with a cold and sore throat. Why is it that something is always happening when Bob isn’t home…lol. Oh well, as long as my baby girl is okay, it’s okay. Anyways, here’s a short Friday Favorites for ya’ll…


Look at this precious sick little girl. My poor baby!! Taken on Wednesday…:(

Favorite Picture


We had a super fun St Paddy’s Day but even looking at this picture, you can tell by her eyes that she was starting to get sick.

Favorite Spring Time Craft

Preschool Handprint May Day Flowers- Make with the boys for their grandparents and our neighbors?

Favorite Spring Outfit


Just need the shoes and I’ll be set!! 🙂

Favorite Quote

The Good Vibe

Thanks to Heather for hosting another Friday Favorites!! Cheers! XOXO