Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy TGIF!! How has everyone’s week been? Are you all ready for the weekend? Today, I am getting my hair done (it’s getting a cut job for sure – pictures on Monday) then I have a dentist appointment (YUCK!!) and on Saturday, we have a 1st Birthday Party then having a friend over for some sushi, wine & movie. Sunday will be grocery day as I don’t have time on Friday or Saturday which is totally okay with me. Anyways, let’s get to my Friday favorites…

Friday Favorites Button Housewife Glamour

Favorite Toddler Activities



Keely and I have been going to My Gym now for about two months and she LOVES it. It’s part of our Monday routine and in my opinion, it’s better than Gymboree. This week we also found a place called Ball Factory which just recently opened up by us. Ball Factory is a huge play area where she spent most of her time playing in the ball pit. I love large “playhouse” places.

Favorite Outfit

White and leopard

Kind of in LOVE with these pants and think they would be an AWESOME 30th Birthday outfit, suggestions?

Favorite Workout

The Perfect Pin: Pre-Burn

This is a great workout when you are limited on time.

Favorite Recipe

Healthy Banana Bread – this recipe is wonderful & the bread is so, so good!!

Favorite Song

This week it’s got to be…

Favorite Quote


Keep having fun

For more Friday Favorites, check out Heather’s Blog, Thanks again, Heather for hosting. Have a great weekend!!

Cheers! XOXO


One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. Love all the pictures of Ms. K. Had so much fun Trick or Treating with her yesterday, even though our weather wasnt the best! Love that whole outfit, I think that in the running for your 30th!! Love the quotes, I tell myself all the time both of these quotes, first on my down days of leaving a job I loved….and second, as long as God let’s me, I will never stop having fun, and acting like a kid at times. I think that’s why Grandma and Grandpa lived so long. Age is just a number….:-)

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