What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday to you all!! How is your week going so far? Mine is going good and I am so happy it’s Wednesday. Here were my eats for the day…

Breakfast/6:15AM – Green Smoothie (vanilla protein powder, skim milk, frozen banana, kale & chocolate almond butter)


Mid-Morning Snack/9:30AM – Apples with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter


Lunch/12:30PM – Salad Beast (spinach, deli turkey, cranberries, feta cheese & raspberry dressing), Cottage Cheese (not pictured) and slice of banana bread


Dinner/4:30PM – Tacos (ground meat, lettuce, cheese & avocado) with Mexican rice


I also had two cups of Yogi Green Tea plus tons of water. I might or might not have had some dessert…ha-ha. Enjoy your day!


What is your favorite family meal? Mine would probably be having all of my family over for pizza!

Weekend Recap, 2

Weekend Recap, 2

Holy Monday!! It was a rather busy weekend but so much fun!! Friday, I had my hair appt and I am totally LOVING it!! She took off 6.5 inches and put highlights on the top. I don’t think I’ll be growing it out for a long time because right now, I just like it so much. Here is a picture of it…sorry for the creepy face…


The rest of Friday was spent grocery shopping and relaxing at home. Saturday, we had a small family get together to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. Keely had so much fun playing with everyone. Sunday, Keely and I went to breakfast with my friend Joanna and I completely forgot to take a picture of our breakfast, blogger fail! We had a spinach & feta omelet with hash browns & side of pancakes (for Keely to share with me). It was so good catching up with Joanna as we don’t see each other much and I would love for that to change. Once we got home from breakfast we just hung out the rest of the day.

Well it’s time to go make some banana bread & carrot cake muffins for the week. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Join me for the Winter Shape Up with Gina this week.



Friday Facts

Friday Facts

It’s Friday, Friday…Welcome to Friday Facts:

1. I love that it’s Friday but hate that it’s so cold outside

2. I am getting my hair cut today and will most likely be going home with hair that looks like this…

3. I officially passed my cold onto Keely, boo to me!

4. We have a family birthday party on Saturday plus Gymboree at 9am (YAY)

5. I am craving some brownies…NO, I am not pregnant!

6. I am meeting a friend for breakfast on Sunday and can’t wait. See you on Sunday, Jo-Jo!

7. I need some new jeans, payday on the 31st (thank god)

8. I am planning to workout both Saturday & Sunday

9. I NEED want a glass of wine tonight…ha-ha

10. Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!


Trainer Tip Thursday

Trainer Tip Thursday

Here is another addition of Trainer Tip Thursday from the famous B-O-B!

Tip 1: Drink 64oz of water a day

Tip 2: Try dumbbell squats instead of barbell squats (make sure knees don’t go over your toes)

Tip 3: If you can’t do a regular push-up, try it on your knees

Tip 4: Make sure to fuel yourself 30 minutes after your workout

To end Trainer Tip Thursday, here is a little workout from me to you…

Circuit #1- Shoulder & Legs

– Squat with Shoulder Press
– Backwards Lunge with Side Shoulder Raise (repeat on other leg)
– Chair Squat with Front Shoulder Raise

Circuit #2- Chest & Abs

– Chest Press with a Crunch
– Chest Fly with Double Leg Raise
– Bicycle Crunches
– Pushup

Circuit #3- Biceps & Glutes  

– Deadlift with Hammer Curl
– Front Lunge with Wide Grip Curl (repeat on other leg)
– Side Lunge with Biceps Curl

Make sure to include a 5 minute warm-up and cool down.


A Day In The Life…12 Months

A Day In The Life…12 Months

I wanted to do a little “A Day In The Life” with Keely being 12 months and me working from home part-time & in the office part-time.

5:15AM (4:30AM on office days) – Wake up call & Workout (I spend about 45 minute to an hour working out at home.  Jogging on the treadmill, weights, yoga, Pilates or turbo fire)

6:30AM (5:30AM) – Shower time then emails & work time (if I am working from home)

8:00AM – Keely’s wake up call to me. I go into her room, ask her if she slept well and sing her a little song while changing her diaper.

8:15-8:30AM – We head downstairs to make and eat breakfast – yesterday it was pb pancakes, banana, blueberries and some maple cinnamon puffs (while I was getting it all together). She will also have a sippy cup of whole milk and one with water.





9:00AM – I get Keely all cleaned up and dressed for the day.

9:00AM-11:00AM – We play, play and play! We also read some books and chase the cats around the house.


11:30AM – We will have lunch together. Yesterday it was goldfish crackers (while I was prepping), sliced apple, sippy cup of water, pb sandwich and the rest of the pouch from Sunday.


Yes, she’s a diva!!

12:00PM-2:00PM – Keely takes a nap. This is a new nap schedule for us as she usually goes down at 10:30-11:00 but since she is getting up later, she isn’t tired that early. I know it will take time to get use to it but I think this will be the best one.

3:00PM – Snack & sippy cup of whole milk

2:00PM-4:30PM – Playtime

4:30PM-5:00PM – I or Bob prep dinner while the other one is getting Keely’s dinner together. Usually I will make her something that we are eating but these days, she is being a little picky.

5:30PM – I do the dishes (yes, I have a dishwasher but if there aren’t many dishes, I just do them) while Bob and Keely dance and play in the living room.

5:45PM-6:20PM – More playtime, but it’s more low-key as I don’t want her to get too hyper before bedtime.

6:25PM-6:30PM – Bath time. For some odd reason, she has become scared of the bath so tonight I am trying the shower to see if it’s any better.

6:40ish – She will have a bottle with milk (hoping to wean the bottle by the end of the month)

7:00PM – Bedtime

7:00PM-9:00PM – I clean up her toys, get things together for the next day, and spend the rest of the evening on the couch with Bob.

9:30PM – We are usually in bed, trying to fall asleep…yes, an early bedtime but hey, 4:30AM comes quickly and I need my beauty sleep.

So, that is our day in a nutshell. I have also starting to do some independent playtime so that she doesn’t rely on me or Bob to entertain her all day long. On the weekends, we go to Gymboree at 9am and she loves it. Once it’s nicer outside, we will take walks throughout the day and do some playdates.

Happy Tuesday!! Cheers!

Do you need a lot of sleep at night?

Hello, Monday

Hello, Monday

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine went by rather fast but I enjoyed it. Friday, my parents came over and watched Keely while we went downtown to visit a friend. We checked out his new place (which is SWEET) then grab some dinner at a pizza place (DELISH). With our pizza, we had Goose Island Green Line, hello LOVER! Then we hang out at a bar and I enjoyed all night dancing & two cucumber martinis which were SO good. I haven’t nonstop danced like that at a bar in a long time.

Saturday, Keely and I went to Gymboree (she has a new teacher who is awesome) then ran to Trader Joes for our weekly groceries. We have been hit with a picky eater the past two weeks. Really since she had the flu, she isn’t eating what she normally eats so I have to mix things up a bit. I ended up making carrot cake muffins (some had cream cheese frosting for Bob) which has shredded carrots in it. Baby girl is obsessed and will eat it in nothing flat. This week I am planning to make some veggie muffins so that I can get more veggies into Miss K.

The rest of Saturday, we just hang out, started our 90210 DVDs that we got for Christmas. Sunday, Bob went to train a buddy while K & I hung out. I also went to DSW to use up my gift card. The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning, finishing the laundry and planning the meals for the week. This week is suppose to be cold here which I am not looking forward too but we have been pretty luck with our winter weather this year.

Have a wonderful week!!


Do you have any suggestions/recipes for a picky eater to get more veggies & protein in her?