Breaks…Rest Days…Is there a difference

Breaks…Rest Days…Is there a difference

Happy Thursday Peeps! Wait, did I just say, THURSDAY?!?! Wow, this week has gone by so quickly that I have a feeling there aren’t enough hours in the day anymore. Anyways, I said to myself on Sunday morning that I was going to give myself a rest from weights. My muscles have been feeling a little fatigued and I’ve been wanting to focus on just cardio with yoga or pilates for a week to see how I feel after that week without weights. I think it’s good to every so often give your body a little break. I try to do it a few times a year and let me tell you a week without a lot of working out actually makes me feel good when I get back into it.

While searching the web the other day, I found some great articles about taking a week off from working out. Here are a few to check out if you’re interested in taking a week off and not feeling guilty about it…

1. Ignite New Muscle Growth With A Week Off

2. How To Take A Week Off From Working Out

As far as my plan for the week with working out…I’ve worked out twice in four days and here is what I’ve done and what I am planning for the weekend…

Monday – Off

Tuesday – Cardio (45 minutes)

Wednesday – Off (I planned on doing HIIT & Yoga but wasn’t feeling very good so I passed on it)

Thursday – Cardio (30 minutes) & Pilates (30 minutes)

Friday – Yoga (45 minutes)

Saturday – Cardio (45 minutes) or Off

Sunday – Pilates and Festival walking!

Now with my cardio, I am not doing jogging, I am doing inclined walking that keeps my heart rate up but isn’t too much!

Do you ever give yourself a break?

Quote of the Day

Your life only gets better when you do.  Work on yourself and the rest will follow.

Weekend Recap…Cheers to LONG Weekends!

Weekend Recap…Cheers to LONG Weekends!

It’s Tuesday!! So I am keeping it short and sweet as I have some work to do today. Keely is at Grandma & Grandpa’s for a few days so that I can get caught up with work since she starts school next week. Hope you all had a great weekend & Memorial Day! Check out some pictures from our weekend…

photo 111

Friday Lunch Date by the Lake…Beautiful day out!!

photo 2

Bobby, Keely and Paulie!!

photo 4

The girls!! Plus our little wine bottles!

photo 2

My little bestie!!

photo 4

Momma and Me…perfect example of our relationship…<3

photo 1

Pool time at Gaga & Papa’s house

F Scott Fitzgerald

Lastly, a nice quote for a Tuesday morning. XOXO

Five On Friday

Five On Friday

Happy Friday Peeps!! Have you all had a great week and looking forward to the weekend? I know I am totes excited about the weekend. Today, I wanted to change things up a bit and am linking up to April @ A. Liz Adventures for my first addition of Five On Friday…I am super stoked!!

One. I am getting my hair done tomorrow and thinking I am going to have her cut it like this picture below and I am going to have her for sure put some red in it again. I loved the hint of red last summer.

Long bob

Two. After my hair appointment I am grabbing dinner with my very special friend, Ms. Stacy!! She just recently accepted a nursing job and I can’t wait to hear all about it and talk about her handsome little guy!! Picture below is from my 30th birthday celebration!! ❤


Three. We are going to Keely’s first Sox game of the season on Sunday and can’t wait to hang out with my parents at the game. I am only guessing there will be LOTS of pictures taken on Sunday. The picture below was from the last game of the year, last year.


Four. Monday is Memorial Day and I am hoping to spend some time at the beach since it’s going to be in the 80’s. We have a holiday for work but I am going to train for a few hours in the morning.

Five. Nice quote to end the week. Happy Weekend & Cheers!! XOXO

Relationship Quotes--Become a Love Magnet with "52 Romantic Things To Do" LOVE & LIGHT 2 YOUR SOULS

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

S. H. I. T. So Happy It's Thursday! | Somewhat Topical Ecard |

Let’s make this post short and sweet…it’s almost the WEEKEND!!

Thankful For…

Core-apps! Core-apps is the company that I am working for now (plus other side work) and they have been so great with me during the training process esp with a toddler at home (until school starts in June). Core-apps is an event application company and I work for GoExpo which is division of Core-apps. Most of the employees are remote so being on the Skype and GoToMeetings is HUGE with us. I’ve been in the event & tradeshow industry for over six years so I know a little bit about the application but there is still a learning curve. Anyways, I am happy to be an employee and think it was a great move!!

Keely! She’s been so great with being at home with me this week and having to see me on the computer and phone. She is growing up so quickly and I love the fact that I’m still able to work at home so that I can continue making memories with her. She starts school (2-year-old preschool) the first week in June and so far when we’ve visited the school she doesn’t want to leave so I’m hoping the first day is an easy one on both of us. I’ll be sad without my little bestie but she’ll have a blast at school!!


Babysitters! I had a babysitter yesterday that came and hung out with Keely while I got some work done. There was a little issue with Keely in the beginning and I had to accompany them to the beach but after they got playing, I left and they spend about 30 minutes at the beach before she realized I was gone. Our babysitter was a total sweetheart and we can’t wait to “hang-out” with her again.

Headphones! Because I have to be on Skype a lot this week, my headphones have been a total lifesaver esp during naptime.

Quotes! Of course, we need to thank quotes!! I love this quotes because I am feeling a little guilty with my training scheduling right now but within a week, I’ll be on a regular schedule and will be able to spend more time with Keely. I’ve had to stop thinking of the reasons why working full-time from home and putting her in school was a bad thing and started believing it’s a super good thing. I am giving Keely a chance to make new friends and learn fun things. I was content with working (very) part-time from home but I know this career choice will better Keely’s future. I want to be able to give her everything I can and help her to experience everything. So to those that find a lot of “reasons”, BELIEVE it will work!!

And the one reason is your strength, you know you did it in the past, it wasn't easy but you succeeded anyway, and you will succeed again, you dig your heels in and go for it! ........... ♥ Angela from

What’s one thing you are THANKFUL for this week?

Training Tuesday

Training Tuesday

Morning!! Can you believe that summer is literally about a month away?!?! Now is the time to get to that workout plan for the summer started. I am looking forward to Gina’s @ Fitnessista Summer Shape-Up to start again as I always enjoy them plus it keeps me motivated. I am taking advantage of my work training schedule this week and will be doing a little double time a few times this week. Here’s what my workout schedule looks like for the week….


Monday – Cardio 45 minutes/Yoga – 30 minutes

Tuesday – HIIT 15 minutes & total body – 45 minutes

Wednesday – Cardio 45 minutes/yoga – 30 minutes

Thursday – Total Body & Stretching – 45 minutes-1 hour

Friday – Cardio 30 minutes/yoga – 30 minutes

Saturday – Total body & HIIT – 45 minutes

Sunday – yoga

A little motivation for you…

For every excuse not to, there is a reason to do it anyway:

Fitness Motivation!  KEEP GOING!!

I <3 Weekends…MIMM

I <3 Weekends…MIMM

Happy Monday!! Did you all have a good weekend?!?! We had a very nice weekend over here with a super, super nice Sunday!! It was nice to relax a little bit this weekend. I started the new job on Thursday and was crazy busy with Skype as I am training remotely since it’s full-time from home. I’m an Account Manager for an event application company plus still doing some side work for the pet company and party planning for the bar here in Chicago. Busy, busy but that’s a good thing. I love that I am still able to be at home with Keely and still work because Momma and Toddler like to SHOP!! lol! Anyways, I am linking up today to Katie @ Healthy Diva Life for another addition to MIMM…enjoy!!

Marvelous is…

Seriously!! Keely and I did some Whole Foods shopping on Saturday and it was epic!! I am obsessed with that store!!

photo 2

Beautiful day at the Zoo!! Waiting for the fountain to be filled for the season!!

photo 1

My little monkey!! We just enrolled her in a 2-year-old preschool by our house, three days a week and the great thing about it is they still do naps which I was really worried about when looking at schools. She’s super excited about school and we will be buying her “first” bookbag this coming weekend.



Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Peeps!! I hope you have all had a lovely week and ready for the weekend…I know I am most def ready for 60 degree weather again. I know a Chicagoan complaining yet again about the weather…LOL!! Any-who, I am linking up to Heather @ housewife glamour for another addition of Friday Favorites. I’m gonna be honest…there will only be about 5 favorites but hey, at least it’s something. I might be a little MIA for a while till I get trained with my new career.

Friday Favorites Button Housewife Glamour

Favorite “Add-On”

Louis Vuitton bags

The toddler & hubs bought me a very cool vintage purse over the weekend for Mother’s Day (& Happy New Career) which I am totally in love with but I need to find myself a nice LV from a thrift store – Hey Chicago, if you see one, please put it on hold for me…THANKS!! 🙂

Favorite “Bangs”

Long bob

I am getting my hair done next Saturday and considering rather or not to cut my bangs…really like this look…thoughts?!?!

Favorite Quote

A strong woman wants you, she doesn't need you.

Let’s be strong ladies!! ❤

Favorite Outfit

OUTFIT: white denim shorts, flannel shirt, white ...

I am loving the short & flannel look this spring/summer. I totally rocked the look over the weekend and again, loved it!!

Favorite Workout

4-day Gym Workout.. maybe combine two together?

I did this workout plan this week but combined shoulders and legs for one day and it was a good one!!