MIMM…Pictures…Just Two!

MIMM…Pictures…Just Two!

MiMM MIMM #105 Roccos Birthday in Wisconsin and More!


Perfect example of our friendship…LOVE HER!!


Hanging by the Beach makes your slight hangover a little better…who doesn’t need Vitamin D!!

Live One Day at a Time – A to Zen of Life; Lessons from the Dalai Lama

A great one for Monday!!

Thanks to Katie @ Healthy Diva Life for another successful MIMM link-up. ❤

Facts of Friday

Facts of Friday

1. It’s FRIDAY!! Can you believe it?!?! I don’t know why but I think Thursday is my least favorite day of the week. Yesterday, all I was thinking was, “I wish it was Friday.” Anyone else?

2. Keely and I will be doing a little swimming this morning then a possible playdate with our friend Ash who babysits another girl on our floor then a trip to Target.

3. Keely is going to Gaga & Papas tomorrow for a little weekend getaway…she’s been asking ALL week about going to my parents so I’m happy it’s happening for her. She LOVES her G&P, oh, and Linus and the trains. 🙂

4. After I get home from dropping off Keely, Bobby and I are going to hit up two fests, Taste of Greektown & Bash on Wabash.

5. I am planning to do some deep cleaning on Sunday (sometime) – the place totally needs it and I hate cleaning when Keely is home as I like to play and hang with her.

6. My workouts this week have been great and I can feel my legs getting strong again so it’s time to bump up the weight.

7. I hope you all have an amazing weekend!! Cheers! XOXO

Quote of the Day

Happy Hour Humor 66 | Hampton Roads Happy Hour

“Just Saying…”

TIUT…Let’s Get Toned

TIUT…Let’s Get Toned

Hey, it’s Tuesday…which means…another look into my workout plan for the week…

What is one workout you are looking forward to this week? Mine is Yoga on Wednesday!!

Monday – Cardio 35 minutes (jog on treadmill) & Shoulder Workout plus abs

Tuesday – Cardio 30 minutes (intervals on treadmill) & Bicep/Tricep Workout plus 30 second plank (3x)

Wednesday – Yoga (40 minutes) plus 2 mile run with Hanker

Thursday – Leg Day (which means no cardio as I’ll be doing jump squats & lunges) plus abs

Friday – Cardio 45 minutes plus abs

Saturday – Chest/Back Day & Cardio 15 minutes

Sunday – Yoga or rest day

Quote of the Day



Why it is Monday?!?! I’ve had such a fun weekend that I didn’t want it to end but we must get the week started so we can do it all over again on Friday. This weekend was pretty much nonstop which I totally love. Per usually I am linking up to Katie @ Healthy Diva Life for an addition of MIMM. Was your weekend MARVELOUS?!?!

Marvelous is…

photo 1 (1)

Air and Water Show was going on this weekend in Chicago and starting Thursday they were practicing we got lots of flybys and so enjoyed it.

photo 1

Blowing bubbles and catching them…She loves her bubbles!!

photo 2 (1) photo 3

Nothing like jamming from one genre to another…We had the BEST dance party going on…

photo 4

“What does Bruce do to you when we go to get our car?” “PEEECCEE” (Peace) – Bruce is one of our favorite garage guys! ❤

photo 2 photo (1)

Loving the Mascots at Family Sundays at the White Sox game!! Keely LOVES Southpaw! ❤

photo (2)

Being GOOFY with Southpaw…Keely looks a little scared in this picture. LOL!

Astrology Compatibility - according to this I'm most compatible with my mom, and both my daughters! Cute!

I love it…so true!! (Hey, fellow Capricorns)

Friday Favorites…Oh Fall, Oh Fall!

Friday Favorites…Oh Fall, Oh Fall!

Happy Friday Peeps! Today I am linking up with the beautiful Heather over @ Housewife Glamour for an addition of Friday Favorites.

Favorite Weather


I love me some “fall-like” weather! The alert was a beach hazard as the wave were super strong.

Favorite Outfit

plaid shirt and camel cardigan

I think this will be my go-to outfit this fall

Favorite Sneaky Food

Bare Feet on the Dashboard - A Life of Freedom...

I’ll be making these this weekend for Keely and hope they are a HUGE hit!!

Favorite Hair

megan fox Long hair

Looking forward to my hair being this length again but I have AWHILE!!

Favorite Picture(s)

IMG_5992 IMG_6009











We had Keely’s 2.5 year pictures taken and seriously, every single one is adorable and I LOVE them all!!

Favorite Quote

I <3 Robin Williams... In sooo many ways he reminds me of my wonderful dad! He is my hero and so is Robin Williams :)

RIP Robin Williams. You have brought us so much laughter…make sure to make God laugh up there as well.

WIAW…Oh, for the LOVE of HOT SAUCE!

WIAW…Oh, for the LOVE of HOT SAUCE!

Happy Hump Day!! Look at this girl posting three days in a row…WOWZA!! Today, I am linking up to Jenn @ Peas and Crayons for another addition of WIAW.

Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs with Spinach & Hot Sauce (a new favorite), Strawberries, Gluten Free Raisin Bread with Almond Butter & Green Tea


Mid-Morning Snack – Cookies and Cream Quest Bar (OMG…I have finally found them and am IN LOVE) plus a cup of Coffee


Lunch – A little snack plate coming at ya…recycled picture (I added in some carrots as well)

photo 3

Dinner – Turkey Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Couscous and veggies (not pictured)

Dessert – Detox Tea & Banana with Almond Butter (not pictured)

Quote of the Day


Let’s Get Physical!!

Let’s Get Physical!!

It’s Tuesday which means…TONE-IT UP TUESDAY!! I haven’t done a workout schedule post in a long time but it’s totally time to do one as Mr. Bob gave me an AWESOME workout schedule and the past two weeks, I’ve been SORE!! Check it out, join in and remember to consult with your doctor before taking on any new workout plan.

Monday – Cardio (40 minutes) plus abs

Tuesday – Cardio (30 minutes) & Biceps & Triceps Workout

  • 50 DB Hammer Curls
  • 50 Cable Tricep push downs laying on bench
  • 50 Cable Bar Curls
  • 50 DB Kickbacks
  • 50 Tricep Dips

Wednesday – Yoga (40 minutes) plus 2 mile run with Hanker (in the afternoon)

Thursday – Cardio (30 minutes) & Chest & Back Workout

  • 50 Cable Flys
  • 50 Assisted Pull-Ups
  • 50 Chest Press
  • 50 Bentover DB Rows
  • 50 Cable Step-out Chest Press (Fast)
  • 50 Lat Pulldowns
  • 50 Hanging Knee Raises/50 Crunches

Friday – Legs (it’s a killer)

  • 50 Leg Press
  • 50 DB Sit Down Squats
  • 50 Walking Lunges
  • 50 Single Legged DB Deadlifts
  • 50 Leg Extensions
  • Tennis Court Jump Squats to End & Sprint Back (repeat until 50 jumps are completed)

Saturday – Cardio (30 minutes) & Shoulders

  • 50 Alt Jump Lunges Overhead Press
  • 50 DB Frontal Raises
  • 50 Alt Punches with DB
  • 50 Vsits hold DB lateral raises on bench
  • 50 Hanging Twist Knee-Ups/Bicycles/Plank to Pushups

Sunday – Relax and light yoga (Beach it)

When You Feel Like Quitting, Think of Why You Started. Helpful tips to stay motivated!!