Facts of Friday

Facts of Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! How has your week been? Mine has been pretty busy. I couldn’t find time to blog for yesterday’s post but I am here today!! 🙂 Keely and I have pretty much been non-stop all week which is always a good thing as it helps with naptime. I have also been pretty busy applying to jobs while she is napping so that’s why I didn’t blog yesterday. Bob has been super busy with working in the city so it’s pretty much K & I lately which isn’t a bad thing at all even though I know she misses seeing her Daddy. We have a pretty busy weekend coming up as well so here are some “facts of Friday”…

1. Today, we are doing a playdate with an old friend and her two kids. I am looking forward to catching up with her and meeting her two adorable kids.

2. Saturday, we are going to the open house at My Gym for an hour or two to play and see friends then it’s onto grocery shopping & naptime.

3. During naptime I have a realtor coming over to take some pictures of the house & give me comps in the area. Yes, we are looking into putting the house up for sale.

4. I am actually excited about the whole selling the house thing as I think it’s time for something new & improved.

5. Sunday, I am planning to do some meal planning & prepping.

6. Next week I am planning to change up my eating habits. I have been dealing with some digestive problems (TMI – will touch on this subject next week) and need to reevaluate my eating habits. Hoping for some changes.

7. I CANNOT wait to get my purchase from Forever21 that I ordered last Sunday. I will make sure to take pictures of the outfits I am planning for the Fall

8. Sunday is the First Day of Autumn…YAY!!

9. Mitzy (my car) hit her 100th birthday yesterday – which means she now has over 100,000 miles on her. Gotta make sure I keep her healthy!! 🙂

10. I hope you all have an amazing weekend. Cheers!! xoxo

Quote of the Day

Friendship quotes

LOVE my friends!! ❤


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