Let’s Be Thankful

Let’s Be Thankful

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are having a good week. This week has been busy for me at work but that’s always a good thing. Today I wanted to do another Thankful Thursday as I have so much for be thankful for in my life. You realize a lot the older you get and have to be thankful for what God has given you. I am a firm believer that God/The Universe likes to throw you curve balls every once in a while just to see how well you will deal with the situation. He won’t give you curve balls he doesn’t think you can’t handle. Well that’s at least what I like to believe in but then again I am all about Faith & having Hope. Anyways, here’s what’s been keeping me thankful lately…

Family – This involves all of my family because really without them I wouldn’t be who I am today. I had a super great Saturday last week and it’s because I was able to spend time with my cousin (who’s like my brother) Kevin. Kevin and I have a super close relationship and he is one person that I know will always be there for me and my family.

perfect description of my family!


Music – Like I mentioned in my post on Tuesday…listen to music has been a huge part of my day lately. Keely and I tend to have lots of dance parties. 🙂

Bob Marley Music Quote music quote pain bob marley


Black Bean Burger – they are delish and I am obsessed with them.

Friends – Both new and old friends. Again, over the weekend I was able to catch up with two lovely ladies plus I gained a new friend who is AMAZING!!

Air Conditioning – I am a California girl at heart, I love the weather there and HATE hot & humid. I know a lot of Midwest people complain about the snow, that doesn’t bother me, it’s the taking me 3 hours to get home from work because people don’t know how to drive in it that bothers me…LOL!

Justin’s Almond Butter – Keely and I can’t get enough of this stuff…it’s like crack!!

Chocolate – I have been having a small piece of chocolate after dinner lately and it’s amazeballs!!

Chocolate quote   chocolate quote

Burger King – I don’t ever eat fast food but Sunday, WOW, I needed it!!

Reality TV – Laguna Beach is back on MTV in the mornings and I about FREAKED out! I love me some reality TV – guilty pleasure!

You – Again, thank you all for reading my blog everyday and putting up with me. You’re the best!!

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