Wonders of Wednesday

Before I begin my “fun” little post today, let me wish my AMAZING mom, Patty Ann, a VERY Happy Birthday. She is my best friend, biggest fan, supporter, wine buddy and the best Mom & Grandma two girls could ask for and Keely and I are so very lucky!! Happy Birthday Patty-Poo…can’t wait to celebrate on Friday!

IMG_0132Her birthday last year!!

mother quotes from daughter - Google Search

Now for my “fun” little post…

The what, where, when, why &  how of Wednesday

What I am doing: Typing this post…duh!!

Where I am: My office

When: Well, right now!

Why I am: Because I love writing on TSS (The Sweet Spot)

How: With my own two hands…I know, I’m talented!!

What’s your “what” today?

On a random note, you all need to listen to this version of Need You Know…it’s just vocals and piano…beautiful!


Quote of the Day


A repeat because it’s so good!! XOXO

Go Green…It’s Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!! Someone once told me, go out and hug a tree on Earth Day because it’s kinda like the tree’s birthday…so that’s what I’ll be doing today…hugging trees and “toning up”. To celebrate Earth Day, I wanted to give you 5 ways to stay “green” today…

Twitter / Happy Earth Day! ...

1. Unplug appliances when you’re not using them – I try to do this as much as possible.

2. Wash your clothes in cold water…this is a MUST for me.

3. Make your own cleaning supplies – Pinterest is great for this one.

4. If you live close to work, bike or walk to work….perks about living in the city…walking to EVERYTHING!

5. Take shorter showers to reduce water usage.


Now onto my workouts for the week…join me!!

Monday – Cardio (45 minutes) & Yoga (30 minutes)

Tuesday – Cardio (HIIT) & Week 4 Ripped in 30

Wednesday – Yoga (30 minutes) & Stretching

Thursday – Cardio (30 minutes) & Week 4 Ripped in 30

Friday – Cardio (45 minutes)

Saturday – Week 4 Ripped in 30

Sunday – Yoga

Your Monday Motivation to Build Up a Serious Sweat: If you put in the time at the gym, then your body and mind are going to reap the benefits! Remember this quote the next time you're tempted to skip a workout.

MIMM…Happy Easter Fun!!

Happy Monday Everyone! Did you all have a good weekend and if you celebrate Easter, an awesome Easter? Our weekend over here was non-stop which is always a good thing. Today, I am linking up to Katie @ Healthy Diva Life for another addition of Marvelous In My Monday and let me warn you, it will Easter heavy…

MiMM MIMM  #94 A  Pics of a Beautiful Easter <3

Marvelous is…

photo 1 photo 2

Park District Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday…why is the Easter Bunny always so creepy looking?!?!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Easter Morning came with an awesome basket from the Easter Bunny and stealing M&M’s all morning long!! #chocolatewasted

photo 3 photo 2

Keely is so lucky because the Easter Bunny left another basket at Gaga & Papa’s house. When my parents arrived, we had brunch and made our way to the beach. I have to say that it was the BEST Easter we’ve had over here.

photo 1

This is SO true and can be so difficult as it could be your “closet friend” or a member of your own family but until you stop letting it control you, it will just keep happening. Always remember, YOU make your life what it is and YOU are amazing!!

Have an wonderful Monday and week and see you tomorrow for a little “tone-up Tuesday”. Cheers!! XOXO

Friday Favorites

Happy, happy Friday!! Hope you all had a great week and ready for the weekend (& Easter, if you celebrate). I can’t wait to enjoy a little Easter Brunch with my sweets!! Today, I am linking up to Heather @ Housewife Glamour for another addition of Friday Favorites. Enjoy!!

Friday Favorites Button Housewife Glamour

Favorite Trend – I am ALL about pink jeans lately but first I need to actually get a pair of them. I’d like both a pale & hot pink pair so if you guys know where I get snag some from, please let me know! :)

Cute clothes

9.25.2013. Inspired by this to wear b/we striped tunic, neon pink skinny jeans, peep toe pumps and black Lululemon jacket with pink bubble necklace. A keeper.

Favorite Workout – I am really loving this April Ab Calendar and hoping for another one in May.

F21+Fitness+Calendar.tiff 767×467 pixels

Favorite “Statement” – I am loving these “candy-like” statement necklaces…again, something I need to purchase very soon.

Rock Candy Statement Necklace

J Crew inspired Mix Candy Statement Necklace...on sale now on @GroopDealz website! This one is brighter "neon-ish" than the original one...I like it!

Favorite Quotes – This week I have been ALL about quotes and songs…here are a few that I’ve really enjoyed this week…

Moved On Quotes | Move On Quotes | MoveOnQuotes.blogspot.com

Love - Carrie Bradshaw

Just a shot in the dark that you just might be the one I've been waiting for my whole life, so baby I'm alright. With just a kiss goodnight.

Well that’s all from me this week!! I hope you have an amazing weekend. Cheers!! XOXO

Thursday Thoughts….

Happy TGIT to you all!! Today, I thought why not do a little Thursday Thoughts!!  It’s been some time since my last one and let me tell you…I got some THOUGHTS!! :)

1. Why did it snow on April 15th? This has been the longest winter I have ever seen.

2. I can’t believe Easter is on Sunday…where is this year going?!?!

3. How old is too old to join in on the Easter Egg Hunt?!?! I love finding chocolate eggs!!

4. Serious thought: why do people feel the need to blame others for situations that THEY have caused themselves? Two words: GROW UP (or three words: grow some balls).

5. What’s better than friends?!?! Well, besides your children and parents…NOTHING!! I heart my friends (and Keely and my parents…Bobby too)

6. Why do 2 year molars suck so much?!?! Keely is cutting three at once and usually doesn’t get bothered by teeth but these are sucking the life out of her…luckily she’s still sleeping but rather cranky which isn’t her style.

7. Random thought: I think I as a cat in my past life. That’s it!! :)

8. Lastly, I hope you all have a great Thursday and see you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

Quote of the Day


Happy Monday Peeps!! Did you all have a good weekend? I know ours wasn’t too bad at all. We’ve been enjoying the weather the past week as now, it’s back in the high 30’s..WHY CHICAGO!! Anyways, this week we are going to be busy with lots of Easter crafts as Easter is SUNDAY!! YAY!! Who doesn’t love the Easter Bunny…hello, chocolate comma!! As always, I am linking up to Katie @ Healthy Diva Life for another addition of MIMM. How’s your marvelous Monday?

Marvelous Is…

IMG_3941 IMG_3935 IMG_3939 IMG_3940

Okay, first I am one that really likes all type of music (being a dancer for many years it comes naturally) but Blues I have to say is by far my favorite. I’ve been listening to Blues music A LOT!! Second, I’d love to see The Fray is concert. Their words are perfection! Third, 30 seconds to Mars is GREAT running music. Actually the Paramore Pandora station rocks my “running” world.


First Easter Egg Hunt at the complex and she totally dug it!! What’s not to like about finding eggs with chocolate inside of them?!?!?



Being 32 stories up, when it’s cloudy outside, you are literally IN THE CLOUDS!! So awesome & weird at the same time!!


So this happened on Saturday. Knock on wood, she’s doing pretty good but we will see how the next few days go for us. I am going to transition her into a full size bed this summer but wanted to start slowing with the toddler bed. Yes, she sleeps with almost ALL of her stuffed animals.


Saturday Beach Day with Gaga & Papa was the BEST!! It was a windy day in the Windy City. :)

:) so true

So cute & so true!

For my Grandma, Grandpa & Uncle Bill who are no longer with us but will always be in my heart & mind.

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!  Sorry I’ve been MIA again the past two days. I’ve been focusing on spending time with Keely and trying to stay off the computer until she’s napping or sleeping than once I do get onto the computer, it’s WORK time! I am trying to spend 2-3 hours a day on work related projects so the blog is taking a backseat to it. I think for right now, I’ll be blogging 3 days a week. I’ll def still do MIMM and Friday Favorites or Five Fact Friday as they are my favorite posts then I’ll write another post one of the other days. Once Keely is in a 2-year-old preschool, I’ll have a little more time but until then it’s going to be easier to do 3x a week….hope you all understand.

Well today as you can see, I’m linking up to Heather @ Housewife Glamour for another addition of Friday Favorites. As you all know, I am a HUGE lover of Pinterest so Friday Favorites is so fun for me as I can showcase some of my favorite Pinterest finds!! What have you been loving this week?

Favorite Yogurt

photo 4 

These are EPIC!! Miss K and I finished them in about .2 seconds!

Favorite Recipe

thecakebar:     Rice Krispies Easter Cupcakes

I think I’ll be making these for Easter…adorable!!

Favorite Outfit

the entire outfit is cute, but seriously, the coral blazer is UHHHMAZING!

In love with this Coral Blazer!

Favorite Place

Chicago beaches, Free Chicago

We may not have palm trees but I LOVE my city & our beaches!!

Favorite Sex & The City Quotes

photo 2

photo 1

Favorite Song

photo 3

Has always been a FAV of mine! <3

Favorite Quote

Motivational Quotes

Have a fantastic FRIDAY!!! Cheers! xoxo