Five Facts of Friday

Happy Friday Folks!! Sorry I’ve been trying really hard to hop over here for a post or two but this week has been rather busy because a lot of people at work are out of the office so I’ve been on doing a lot projects. Anyways, we have some exciting things in store for the weekend…

1. Well, today is FRIDAY which is always GrEaT!!

2. We are having some friends over for a little game night…cannot wait!!

3. Christmas is in 13 days…WHAT!!

4. I am all done wrapping which feels great and now I can just enjoy Christmastime.

5. It’s suppose to be in the 50’s this weekend…is it bad that I’m really hoping for a white Christmas? Nothing like waking up on Christmas morning to snow on the ground.

Now, I’ll leave you with some pictures from the past two weeks…ENJOY!!


$2 Tacos at The Beer Bistro – Fish, Fried Shrimp & Pulled Pork (HOLY YUM!!)


Swedish American Museum – such a cool neighborhood museum and Keely was having a blast!

20141203_164152 2014-11-30_07.33.12

Mini Gingerbread house making! And that SMILE!! Melts my heart – my baby is growing up way TOO fast.

It's the most wonderful time of the year / Lauren Conrad

Tone-It Up Tuesday – While Pregnant

Hey Folks!! Well this household has been hit with the cold & cough bug that’s been going around. Since Sunday, there has been lots of PJ wearing, couch snuggling, movie watching and drinking tons of fluids. We are over 2 days in with medicine so hoping to kick this crazy bug before the weekend as we have some things planned in our neighborhood.

Anyways, I left off my announcement post with giving you the deets about my eating and working out…well let’s start with the working out or lack there of working out. I was doing so good with working out this summer, I went to the fitness center, ran outside with Hank and was really enjoying my yoga. Then come August I noticed I was just lacking motivation then once I found out I was pregnant, well there went the motivation for sure. With Keely, I was so “to-the-books”. I ate well, worked out just about everyday and listened to everything I heard and read.

This time around, my body just really needed a break and lots of sleep. I tried to at least walk on the treadmill 3 times a week and do some yoga at least 2 times a week but a lot of time it was walking for 20 minutes till my “sickness” got to me where all I needed was either the bathroom or bed (TMI??). Now well into my second trimester, my energy is back up but I must workout in the morning because this Momma totally takes advantage of naptime for herself…LOL. Here are some awesome workouts I’ve been doing while pregnant this time around…

Second Trimester Workout Plan – Women’s Health

FittaMamma supportive maternity yoga and postnatal yoga clothes #pregnancy #yoga

I did this DVD with Keely and really enjoyed it. This is perfect for those “off” kind of days.

Did your workout routine change once you found out you were pregnant?

MIMM…Family Fun

Happy Monday! Today, I am linking up to Katie’s MIMM fun!! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend…cheers!!

Marvelous Is…

20141127_170633 20141127_142529

A wonderful Thanksgiving at our new place and with my some of my favorite people!!

20141129_145619~2 20141129_163424 (1)

Doing our yearly tradition at Lincoln Park Zoo the Saturday after Thanksgiving and this is the first year it just flowed so nicely. Plus, Keely had tons of fun.

20141129_131159 (1)20141129_132550

Visiting Santa in Santaland at Macy’s on State…it was Keely’s first time visiting Santa at Macy’s and she actually did very good despite her no smile…LOL

20141129_174249 (1) 20141129_174742 (2)

Fun times at Bacino’s In Lincoln Park…after the Zoo tradition as well!!



Seamus made his appearance the day after Thanksgiving and has been doing some fun things for Keely = Christmas Countdown Chain

Have an amazing week!! Love XOXO

The Day We Found Out About Baby #2

Yes, you read that right…I am having another baby…a little bit of a surprise but we are excited. So this post might be a little TMI but hey, it’s life….

So to rewind a little bit…After some complications with my IUD & the cyst, my doctor and I decided to remove the IUD, back in May as my body was really going through a rough time. She wanted me to have a solid three months without any types of birth control (besides condoms) because she thought I might’ve developed some things from the complication with the IUD. She also pretty much told me that it’d take a SUPER long time to even have a baby right now because my body is so OFF….(TMI time).

I was traveling the first week in August and when I got home, we had a little “slip” if you know what I mean…;) We didn’t think anything of it as again, I’ve had some problems which gave the doctor sure signs that I couldn’t become pregnant but than again, we should’ve been careful even though we were careful every other time. Well August went on and I did what I was always doing, eating well, working out and having an occasional adult beverage. In the beginning of September, I kept checking the calendar thinking ok, any day now. but the days just kept going on without a visit from a certain “someone”.

I noticed in the middle of September, I started getting flu-like symptoms and couldn’t understand why I was feeling SO tired all the time. One Saturday while Bob was working and Keely was at my parents (September 20th to be exact), I decided to pick up a digital pregnancy test from Target. While I was unloading my groceries, I took the test, continued to unload (waiting three minutes) then before taking Hank out, checked the test to see in bold letters – PREGNANT.

I was dumb-founded! I did a double take, looked at my dog and thought this can’t be right. I took him out then proceeded to take another test which of course came back with test error. Feeling unsure, I cleaned my house, ate pizza then picked up Bob from work around midnight. When he got into the car, I handed him the test and said, “Got something for you.” He looked at it and said, NO. Are you serious? Yes, sir, couldn’t be more serious. I ended up going to CVS on the way home to pick up another test because I really needed to make sure it’s true.

After taking five more tests saying pregnant with all of them, it finally sunk in that YES, I am pregnant. We weren’t planning to have another one right now but we are totally stocked about Keely becoming a big sister and very excited to welcome peanuts #2 into the family. We told her that Sunday night that she is going to be a big sister and she proceeded to get her baby doll and hold it and tell her that she loved her. I think she will be an amazing big sister and little helper.

I scheduled an appointment with my doctor for October 2nd to really get the confirmation. I know the second pregnancy is always different and let me tell I can already tell it’s going to be different…hello to all day sickness and needing to sleep ALL THE TIME! I’ll give you the rest of the deets in a few days so I can talk about food, fitness and etc. Have an awesome day. Cheers! XOXO

25 Cute Sister Quotes You Will Definitely Love - Not all of them apply to me because I have a brother, but this cover one definitely does.

My Keely Girl!! <3

MIMM…Snow & Exciting News!!

Happy Monday!! Here’s to another addition of MIMM by the ever so amazing Katie @ Healthy Diva Life. We had a nice and relaxing, yet fun weekend over here. Our friend came over with his 12-year-old daughter on Saturday night and Keely just loves her. After Keely went to bed, we ended up playing a few games of Apples to Apples and it was a blast…I love that game. Anyways, let’s get rolling on with some marvelousness…

Marvelous is…


Target trips with this little one…red cup love and cake pop!! We are set to SHOP!! <3


First (major) snowfall of the season about an inch and a half or a little more in our area.


An awesome announcement…that’s right…Keely’s going to be a big sister!! I am planning to write a post this week with all the information. We are so-so excited!!

Believe in yourself...I need this today!!! Yes.


Oh Mama

Happy Hump Day!! I just wanted to share this awesome website I have recently found… is a one-stop interactive resource for the mom on the go.  Users can sign up for a free account to post, share, learn and ask questions about all things related to women and family in your specific city, including health and wellness, events and classes, care and camps, and even a marketplace to buy, sell, or trade items.  The site is already up and running and is mobile friendly for Apple and Android with a mobile app becoming available mid-November.

I have already posted some things for Chicago on their website and also found some good posts as well. Can’t wait to find out more thing locally and throughout the country. Mommy friends, make sure you check it out.